Cleft Palate Surgery

£500 complex procedures
or £40 per month

Physicians Across Continents Waqf shares are invested in sharia compliant investments and the profits are then used to support our international development work, as well as a re-invested, to ensure it keeps growing, year-on-year.


What is Waqf?


Waqf, in the Arabic language, means to stop, contain, or preserve.

In Islamic terms, Waqf is a religious endowment, a voluntary and permanent dedication of one’s wealth to benefit a community by offering a service that is useful to society, such as a hospital or a school.

A Waqf donation cannot ever be owned by any person and it never gets gifted, inherited, or sold, its benefit continues through generations


Health WAQF share


Health is wealth, right? This isn’t the case for everyone, badly built health systems are failing the most vulnerable and financially insecure communities. Poor health and poverty are intrinsically linked, halting the progression of these communities to be able to thrive.

One of our goals is to nurse these communities back to good health, improving the quality of life for many.

Your contribution is essential to save the lives of individuals, families and society from diseases.

The Health WAQF Share costs £150.


Infinite Good


We use the proceeds from the Waqf investments for the benefit of the health sector in setting up hospitals. Moreover, providing support to public hospitals through the distribution of medical equipment. In addition to medicines building capacity of the healthcare workforce through regular training.

Case Studies