Cleft Palate Surgery

£500 complex procedures
or £40 per month

The development of any community is central and key to Physicians Across Continents work, we like to think of it is as a living legacy.


Physicians Across Continents could simply come in do the work that our donors want us to do and leave. We want to go beyond that; we have integrated plans to develop local medics with local knowledge to give a sustainable legacy to those communities.



Having field offices with local knowledge, embedded within the customs and culture of those communities, Physicians Across Continents can act fast to any medical emergency. This enables us to build a comprehensive picture of the medical needs of that community and rather than react we move to preventative measures.

  • What does this involve
  • Teaching people health and hygiene
  • Teaching local medics with the latest developments
  • Training the trainers- by training people who will go onto train many others
  • Patient recording systems- medical files for all our patients
  • Giving the latest technology, data and analysis to local communities
  • Video- Of our training and development programme
  • Case study- of a local receiving the training and what has it meant for them?
  • Video- our Doctors giving training to locals

Case Studies