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Cleft Palate Surgery

£500 complex procedures
or £40 per month

An initiative launched in March 2018, My Mosque Clinic seeks to address the health inequalities within Muslim and BME communities of the UK. Physicians Across Continents are introducing general health checkups at local masjids, improving access to healthcare and to raise awareness of health concerns affecting the community.

By bringing health facilities to the community, they have an opportunity to participate in the health checks, workshops or lectures, making them more aware of their own health.

My Mosque Clinic enables local masjids to track the health of their community and raise awareness around specific health concerns that need to be addressed.

If you think your local mosque would benefit from this service then please do raise it with management and as we’re always looking to expand where we work.

Alternatively, if you’re a member of mosque management click the button to complete our registration form and we will be in touch. Register Your Mosque


My Day with My Mosque Clinic


My Mosque Clinic has really opened my eyes into the health problems in our communities. It helped me to understand that the statistics you hear about diabetes and heart disease aren’t just numbers.

Most of my experience centred around males who often neglect their own health despite checks. By locating the service at the heart of the community, the project was able to reach people who would be otherwise too busy to go to their local NHS service for a check-up.

Knowing that you could be 3 to 6 times more at risk of diabetes is only part of the picture; seeing people who had no idea that they had any underlying health conditions and then finding out they have dangerously high blood sugar levels was a wakeup call to myself and a turning point for me getting involved in this project.

After my time volunteering with My Mosque Clinic, I’m left questioning have I done enough and are we as a community looking out for those that aren’t looking after themselves.

Are we so busy with our day-to-day activities that we don’t notice our own health and the health of our loved ones, friends and neighbour’s?

If you have the opportunity to host a My Mosque Clinic or volunteer for the project then please sign up for it – you could save a life with such a simple health-check.

Emran Hoque

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