Cleft Palate Surgery

£500 complex procedures
or £40 per month

Medics of the Future is a programme to fund trainee doctors to become doctors. Undergraduates from the poorest countries have the capacity to train as doctors however they cannot afford to go university. Local people serving their communities, understanding their culture, language and local environment in order to best serve the local people of that country and region.

Educating a Medic of the future can be your Sadaqate Jariyah (on going reward). The student Doctors and Nurses go onto be pillars of their community. For every person hey help, it is if you have helped the person by yourself, through the act of Sadaqate Jariyah.


How does it work?


Physicians Across Continents will work with local partners to establish the brightest and best students, who have relevant qualifications however not the funds to train to become a Doctor or Nurse. All potential students will be means tested to see if they meet the criteria and are eligible for the fund. Your sponsorship is paid directly to the university and not to the student Doctor or Nurse.

The university will provide feedback on the student and any student not meeting the standards academically and behaviourally will have their sponsorship removed.

The sponsorship normally lasts 5 years


Know about your sponsorship


We will send you annual reports of your Doctor or Nurse to chart their progress and how they are getting on and how your sponsorship has enabled them

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