Cleft Palate Surgery

£500 complex procedures
or £40 per month

Animal and human welfare are increasingly connected worldwide, through issues such as food quality and safety, public health, sustainable agriculture and the environment. Secure and safe food supplies depend on the quality of husbandry, veterinary care and nutrition that farm animals receive.


At Physicians Across Continents, we send out our veterinary teams to educate local and treat farm animals. In some of the poorest countries the farm animals they have are there only source of income and sustenance they have. Without the farm animals a way of life is lost, a source of income lost and this can spiral those farmers into deeper poverty.


For the animal a quality way of life, humanly being treated is important to maintain its health and wellbeing.


That is why we send our teams to look after the animals and give them basic health checks up and educational workshops to the farmers, thus ensuring the animals are in the best physical condition.


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