Formerly PAC, Now MAC. Stay tuned for our new website! Formerly PAC, Now MAC. Stay tuned for our new website! Formerly PAC, Now MAC. Stay tuned for our new website! Formerly PAC, Now MAC. Stay tuned for our new website!
Cleft Palate Surgery

£500 complex procedures
or £40 per month

Physicians Across Continents are non-governmental organisation (NGO), we are guided by our universal medical ethics and Islamic values. We are impartial, providing free medical care to people who need it. Regardless from what country you are from, which religion they belong to, or what their political affiliations are. All that matters is they are human beings in need.


In conflict situations and hostile environments Physicians Across Continents do not take sides we go and carry out where the need is greatest, thus making us independent. Hostilities need to be left at the gate.


We rarely take funds from governments or institutions for our work, we are funded by your donations, by your compassion and kindness. In emergency we do not need to wait for official funds or for the media to generate interest. Responding to an emergency when it happens as it happens. Our financial independence means the work you fund cannot be used by any government to further their political or military goals.


Community buy-in is a key strategy for Physicians Across Continents, we are not there as external force, we embedded ourselves with the communities we work with in order to leave a legacy. We do this through the community leaders, groups, local and national governments.


Sustainable development, is a corner stone to our work to empower local healthcare workers so they can help their own communities, once the media attention, funding has left them Physicians Across Continents and our donors’ legacy will remain. Part of sustainable development is training of the next generation of healthcare professionals via



Physicians Across Continents does advocacy work through PAC Environment and Animal Welfare programme, is a first of a kind where we understand the environmental impact and how health is connected to how we live and what we live on.

We advocate for better healthcare wherever we work, thus education and prevention are key to our journey. We also campaign and implement programmes around disability rights.